How to know A.I. wrote what you are reading

More and more, readers are encountering writing written by artificial intelligence. Whether reading an article found online or grading a student paper, here are ten ways to know A.I. is responsible:

10. The transitions leave you with broken ankles.

9. The paragraphs just feel, for lack of a better term, baggy.

8. Source material is sparse or even nonexistent.

7. Individuals who in theory should agree with the premise constantly credit the likes of John Thompson or Larry Brown.

6. Despite feeling like 2023 is your year, you just can’t keep up. Again, you feel like you have broken ankles.

5. You find yourself sprinting in circles. The future of writing is the death of writing, and the death of writing is the future of writing.

4. Rough drafts? Rough drafts! There are no rough drafts.

3. Every dilemma, no matter how complicated, is always reduced to one answer.

2. Similar to number three, the writing leaves you feeling as if everything is over your head. Some readers call this the Tyronn Lue Effect.

1. What you’ve read leaves you speechless, fuming, yelling, and full of wonder.

Lastly, now that you know how to recognize writing produced by A.I. be sure to talk about A.I.’s role in professional settings as well as on social media.

Share A.I. with your students. Ask your peers what they know about A.I. Understand that answers may vary. But make sure healthy conversations are had about A.I.

Be sure to talk about how your own writing might be either hindered or helped by the specific tools A.I. can offer you. How might you benefit because A.I. probably isn’t going anywhere now that it’s already everywhere?

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