Doris Burke explains her vote for Marcus Smart as DPOY

Marcus Smart has a strong case for why he should win DPOY. In a Twitter conversation ESPN Broadcaster, Doris Burke added her opinion on why he should win too.

Doris Burke and Malika Andrews had a live conversation on Twitter space and discussed who should win Defensive Player of the Year. Burke made a case as to why Marcus Smart should receive that accolade and why she voted for him.

“I think a couple things, I think the metrics for defense are hard. It is a perimeter-based game. And for far too long we have not given those grinders, the Mikal Bridges and Marcus Smarts, their due,” Burke said. “The amount of space you have to cover, the number of screens you’ve got to run through. It takes a physical and emotional stability, and endurance. And I just thought it was time.”

The Boston Celtics rank No. 1 in defense and this is mostly because of Smart. Smart has a plus-1.7 Defensive Plus-Minus rating and he averages 1.5 steals per game. With Smart and Robert Williams the Celtics became a defensive threat. And they were able to turn their season around after the All-Star break, clinching the No.2  seed.

NBA legends agree Marcus Smart Should win Defensive Player of the Year

A guard has not won the Defensive Player of the Year award in 26 years. The last guard to win the DPOY was Gary Payton for the 1995-96 season. The award is usually given to centers or power forewords. Payton was on SiriusXM NBA Radio and gave his thoughts on why Smart should win the award.

“He deserves [Defensive Player of the Year]. If you change your offense because of one guy, that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

Smart is known to be a hassle defensively on both ends of the floor and as Payton mentioned, if a team changes their offense because of Smart, then a case can be made as to why Smart is deserving of the award.

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