Watch: Angry Miles Bridges hits fans with mouthguard fastball after ejection

Charlotte Hornets star Miles Bridges lost his temper after being ejected against the Hawks and threw his mouthguard at fans in Atlanta.

Play-in games can feel like life or death situations for players, so it’s no surprise to see emotions high.

Still, Hornets forward Miles Bridges definitely let his passion get the best of him on Wednesday night while facing the Hawks.

Bridges received a technical — and then another, resulting in him being ejected for his fiery response to a goaltending call. On his way out of the arena, he took his frustration out on some nearby fans.

Watch: Angry Miles Bridges hits fans with mouthguard fastball after ejection

A Hawks fan seemed to get Bridges’ attention with heckling as he walked out but when the player turned around and threw his mouthguard into the stands, it was an innocent bystander who got smacked in the face with it.

Bridges immediately recognized that he’d crossed a line. He tweeted in hopes of finding the fan he hit.

Good on Bridges for taking responsibility but the league will probably have something to say about that incident as well. Just as fans have no business throwing things at players, the players have to keep their emotions in check as well.

Atlanta ultimately came away with a 132-103 victory.

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