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Draymond Green is publicly calling out Kevin Durant’s ashy ankles

Warriors Draymond Green calls out former teammate Kevin Durant for his ashy ankles that are currently making the rounds online.

Kevin Durant is one of the most feared big men in the league, both on the court and in the DMs.

KD has developed a reputation for firing back at critics on social media, evidenced by a hilarious exchange between Durant and actor Michael Rapaport in March 2021.

SLAM released a few photos of Durant warming up before the Nov. 22 Nets-Cavaliers game, celebrating the Nets big man in all his glory. But the Internet noticed the skin peeking out above Durant’s sock was extremely dry and calloused.

KD’s ankle slip has been making its rounds online, with Durant firing back at everyone who is more broke than he is.

Durant has no concern for how his tweets are perceived, clarifying that he is “not a role model” on social media.

Clearly, anyone who flames KD on Twitter is getting all the smoke from the NBA star, but Draymond Green doesn’t seem to be fazed by KD’s replies.

In a clip from “The Draymond Green Show” titled “KD Needs A Lotion Sponsorship”, Green blasted Durant for gracing the court with scaly ankles.

“Bam sent me the picture and said, ‘There’s no way KD is this ashy,’” Green said. “That wasn’t even ash, that was f***in scales. It looked like you could skin him like an alligator and take it to the store and sell it, that’s how bad it was.”

Draymond Green called out Kevin Durant for ashy ankles resembling an “alligator”

While Durant told off everyone judging his ankles online, Green is good friends with his former teammates and planned on calling him after his show.

“I am looking forward to calling him today and getting his opinion,” Green said. “I know he’s gonna say, ‘F*** y’all, why y’all worried about my ankles?’”

All jokes aside, Green offered a way for Durant to flip the situation in his favor, appealing to the logic of the renowned entrepreneur.

“Pick the lotion brand y’all want to endorse and go partner with them,” Green suggested. “That’ll be an incredible story if Kevin just comes out of the next game looking incredibly lotioned with skin looking impeccable. I’d love to see it.”

It would be a perfect opportunity for any lotion brand looking to prove their product, because whatever KD uses to treat his skin would moisturize the driest of winter skin.

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