Golden State Warriors, Portland Trail Blazers

Blazers broadcast trolls Steph Curry for failed flop attempt (Video)

Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry becomes one of the first victims of new NBA rule change.

Monday was the NBA’s first full day of games in the second day of the NBA preseason. With stars returning to the court, everyone is excited to watch their favorite players again and observe what changes they may have made during the off season.

One of the prominent changes during the off season was the NBA rule change regarding offensive players doing unnatural movements in an attempt to draw fouls.

Warriors: Steph Curry trolled for trying to draw foul

During Monday’s games, Steph Curry became one of the first players to go fishing for a foul and end up looking foolish as no foul was called.

Curry may have been one of the first,  but he surely won’t be the last.  In years past, players have made moves like these apart of their offensive arsenal. The NBA allowed them to do so, so they exploited it. Getting defenders to leave their feet and then jumping every which way into them in order to take a trip to the free throw line. Many found faults with it, and now the fruits of their complaints are being seen.

A sample of the learning curve that will have to take place was on display during Team USA’s men’s basketball gold medal run during the Olympics. When pool play first started, the American men were flopping for fouls to no avail under the FIBA rules. Many documented as just an example of what was to come. Now, Steph Curry has officially got things started for the 2021-22 season.

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