Ben Simmons hype clips are just sad now (Video)

Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons keeps putting out hype clips, but they’re really not doing him any good at this point.

Ben Simmons has taken a beating in 2021. On some level, the sympathy level for a very talented player working through some issues should be high.

Unfortunately, the hype clips Simmons and his trainers keep putting out aren’t helping his case. More than anything, they’re just sad.

Let’s just talk about this one for a second…

First of all, what NBA defender in their right mind is going over a screen for Ben Simmons? Who is defending Simmons above the three-point line for that matter? He’s made five three-pointers in his career. He’s taken 34 total. He’s not a threat to shoot. And he’s not a threat to make it if he does. He’s proven that.

Ben Simmons videos are doing the opposite of hype

No one was sitting around thinking, “Man, Ben Simmons would be so great if he could just play off a screen and drive for a dunk.”

The knock on Simmons is his shooting. Put up a clip of him standing at the free-throw line and going 7-of-10 or better. The dude is a career 59.7 percent free-throw shooter. That’s an issue.

Better yet, take a video of Simmons hitting jump shots. That would do a lot more to change minds than a drive and dunk against a bunch of guys going half speed.

Simmons’ ability to dunk was never at issue at either. His reticence to dunk, lay up or shoot in the critical moments of a game for the 76ers speaks to a greater mental block that these gym videos will never solve. That’s the reason he’s on the trade block.

It’s time for him to put his head down and focus on getting better at the things that will actually make a difference to his game.

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