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What trade destinations are left for Ben Simmons?

With Ben Simmons’ options dwindling down for teams to choose from, and his cutting off communication with the Sixers, his trade destinations have shrunk even further.

The estranged Philadelphia 76er, Ben Simmons, has recently cut off all communications with his team. All conversation has been strictly between Simmons’ agent and the Sixers, and that is even sparse. For all of this, one would think that he’d be signed pretty soon due to the severity of the lack of communication between the two parties, however it’s looking less successful on Simmons end.

The trade tactics from the Sixers have been concerning to say the least, at least when it comes to getting rid of Simmons earlier on this summer.

Simmons’ landing destinations span from Golden State to San Antonio, but there are few takers

One request that stood out was the Sixers’ asking for Andrew Wiggins and James Wiseman in return for four first-round draft picks. While it sounded ridiculous then, Simmons seems adamant about going to Golden State. It could be a good move in theory, but it does sound like it’s being forced.

But if not Golden State, why not San Antonio? Their 33-39 record is workable, only if Simmons wants to work with them, something he’s had problems with executing while in Philadelphia. Sixerswire broke down a few hypotheticals, but it all comes down to Philly taking the trade and whatever comes with it.

Finally, there’s Oklahoma City. There’s not much to say about this that couldn’t have been said in previous scenarios. But it comes down to what OKC can trade off to the Sixers.

In the end, it just seems best to hold onto Simmons until something better comes along. The end result could be something that doesn’t come to fruition for a while, but until the franchise comes to their senses, nothing sounds plausible.

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