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NBA Twitter thinks they found Kevin Durant’s burner and the evidence is overwhelming

NBA fans think they found Kevin Durant’s burner account liking tweets saying he’s better than Stephen Curry and the evidence is damaging.

Kevin Durant is one of the best athletes to follow on Twitter because he is extremely truthful and open to the point of possibly being too truthful and open. Few professional athletes use social media the way he uses it but that could be a detriment because of his presumed use of burner accounts.

If you’re a social media novice and don’t know what a burner account is, it refers to a fake or dummy account people use to hide their identity behind an alias or otherwise imposter account.

For instance, if someone is criticizing Durant for joining a superteam to win a ring with the Warriors or forming his own superteam with the Nets and he gets sensitive to the criticism, Durant will hop on his burner account and defend himself without revealing his true identity.

But this time, Durant’s burner activity may have been exposed by one intrepid member of NBA Twitter who thinks he’s unearthed the evidence that’s clear as day.

NBA fans think they discovered Kevin Durant’s burner account

When Durant is one of two accounts to like a tweet saying he was better than Stephen Curry during their run together with the Golden State Warriors, it does raise an eyebrow.

Did he forget to sign out of his burner and he got caught?

Is this just a random coincidence?

It’s hard to say, but the more fun result is this is definitely KD’s burner and he’s definitely looking for acknowledgment that he’s better than Curry, because his ego needs the boost.

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