Russell Westbrook recreated his own meme when he was told an interesting stat (Video)

Russell Westbrook had this classic reaction in a press conference after the Washington Wizards’ win.

The Wizards beat the Golden State Warriors last night, but the most “interesting” part of the game may have been Westbrook’s meme-worthy reaction that had fans smiling and shaking their heads. Classic Russ.

On Wednesday night, the Wizards narrowly closed out Golden State in a nail-biting thriller when Stephen Curry went cold and Westbrook scored eight of his 14 points in the last quarter. Despite making only 29.4 percent of his field goals that night, Westbrook was all smiles while he spoke with a reporter after the game.

When it was pointed out that Westbrook leads the NBA in clutch field goal percentages, Westbrook responded as only Westbrook could. Even the reporter couldn’t hold it in and let out a quiet chuckle. For those unfamiliar with Westbrook’s history of antics, see the videos side-by-side:

The similarities are uncanny, and you can’t help but think it may have been a glitch in the universe. Or, if that’s just his gut reaction to anybody talking about him. He’d be a hoot at dinner parties.

Russell Westbrook can’t stop reminding fans of that meme

Westbrook responded to his statistic with royal nonchalance, saying, “I know what I do. I ain’t worried about what everybody else thinking. That’s the one thing about me, it doesn’t really matter what anybody else think.”

That much is certain from his bold, impressionistic outfits and love-it-or-hate-it style. Who would have known such a daredevil in fashion could be such a sucker in the meme world?

On the court, though, Westbrook’s numbers hold up. According to StatMuse, Westbrook has scored 105 points in the clutch (ranking him fifth in the NBA) with a 59.1 field goal percentage and 40.9 3-point percentage. He’s especially unstoppable on fast-breaks, which Golden State had to learn the hard way after failing to maintain an early fourth-quarter lead.

Westbrook’s clutch heroics — along with all those triple-doubles — may help the Wizards clinch a playoff berth yet as they currently sit tenth in the Eastern Conference.

As one of the most entertaining players and personalities in the league, odds are that Westbrook won’t disappoint.

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