LeBron James, New York Knicks

LeBron James rooting for the Knicks? Lakers star tweets excitement over New York’s resurgence

The Knicks have many happy fans these days and you can count LeBron James in the camp that’s happy to see them do well because it’s good for the NBA.

The New York Knicks are the story of the NBA this season and LeBron James is among those rooting for their resurgence.

No, LeBron isn’t a fan of the Knicks, but he is happy to see them doing so well this season because when they’re winning, it’s great for the NBA.

LeBron tweeted his happiness surrounding the Knicks’ resurgence after they extended their winning streak to eight games with a win over the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night.

That win saw Knicks fans flock to the streets in celebration and saw them move one-half game ahead of Atlanta in the Eastern Conference playoff race.

LeBron James happy to see New York Knicks on winning side of things

LeBron’s sentiments are similar to other sports when people say the Toronto Maple Leafs winning is good for the NHL or the Dallas Cowboys winning is great for the NFL or the Chicago Cubs winning is great for MLB.

These classic franchises with decades and decades of history behind them are part of the foundation of the leagues they represent. When they’re losing, it’s a bit deflating to the league, but when they’re thriving, it almost lifts up the entire league at the same time.

That’s all LeBron is trying to express with his tweet so before any conspiracy theorists suggest LeBron is rooting for the Knicks to make it to the Finals or he’ll sign with them when his Lakers contract expires, just chill out.

This is all about the face of the NBA showing his appreciation for a franchise that’s been struggling for the better part of this century turning things around and giving their fans some hope for playoff glory.

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