9 LaMelo Ball assists that will make you bite your lip and curl your toes

LaMelo Ball has been throwing highlight assists at a ridiculous rate and we’ve collected a few of the best to get your motor running.

LaMelo Ball is just a few weeks into his NBA career but he’s already delivering on his tremendous potential. Through 11 games for the Charlotte Hornets, Ball is averaging 12.4 points, 7.0 rebounds, 6.0 assists and 1.6 steals and has already become the youngest player in NBA history to record a triple-double. His shooting percentages are still a work in progress but he’s proven that he’s a transcendent passer with the vision, creativity, audacity and accuracy to make anything possible.

There are plenty more highlight assists to come in what’s sure to be a lengthy career but we’ve collected a few of our favorites from the start of the season. Treat yourself.

9. A little behind-the-back razzle-dazzle

It’s just a simple catch-and-shoot 3 but LaMelo knows how to make it fancy.

8. LaMelo Ball shows his hang time

This only works because Ball has the patience and hangtime to wait until the passing angle comes open.

7. Behind the neck

It would be nice to get a dunk out of this but Ball’s teammates will eventually catch up.

6. The look-away

Moving the defense with his eyes, like a 10-year veteran.

5. The angles no one else sees

Terry Rozier‘s acrobatic finish makes this one look even better but Ball sees this about four seconds before anyone else does and just lets it unfold.

4. LaMelo Ball plays quarterback, pt. 1

Hayward runs a button-hook, LaMelo Ball hits him for the touchdown.

3. LaMelo Ball plays quarterback, pt. 2

I guess this is called a fly route? Hail Mary?

2. Let Bridges fly

Miles Bridges is going to catch a lot of alley-oops this year.

1. Putting the ball exactly where it has to be

The accuracy on this is amazing, leading Bridges to the outside shoulder, away from the defense, knowing he has the hops to finish the play.

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