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Brook Lopez hilariously imitates Bam Adebayo’s flop for referee (Video)

Brook Lopez gave fans a laugh when he showed the refs how Bam Adebayo flopped to get a foul call.

The Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat were back in action Wednesday one night after the Bucks set a new record for made 3-pointers in a game.

The contest was closer this time in a matchup of two top contenders in the Eastern Conference. That meant a physical game, and one sequence saw Bam Adebayo take a fall and get rewarded with free throws.

Brook Lopez was not happy about what he saw as a flop and proceeded to show the refs exactly what happened:

Brook Lopez takes a fall for justice

This is amazing. Lopez was so convinced Adebayo flopped he slammed his own hip into the hardwood to prove his point. Probably not a wise move, but he demanded justice!

The Bucks training staff may have had a quick chat with Lopez about not potentially injuring himself to prove a point. Adebayo was already at the line, and all this did was confuse everyone on the floor. It honestly looked like a ghost wiped out his legs from under him.

Lopez was one of 12 Bucks to hit a 3-pointer Tuesday night in the record-setting game. He hit another Wednesday night as the Bucks finally came back down to Earth, and this matchup once again looked a bit more even as the Heat pulled ahead late.

Flopping, and charges for that matter, have indeed gotten out of hand in the NBA. They are a cause for concern on a nightly basis, and all Lopez is doing is pointing that out. Referees should be held accountable by more than just a report from the final few minutes of a game.

If arguing doesn’t work, describing a flop with one’s own flop is now a strategy thanks to Lopez.

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