LeBron James gives details on his changing his number this season

LeBron James has given an update to all of the rumors swirling that he will be changing his number this season. 

Who knew the biggest drama of the Los Angeles Lakers offseason wouldn’t involve a player signing or a trade, rather a jersey number.

It’s been rumored for sometime now that LeBron James will be swapping out his No. 23 to return to wearing the No. 6 he donned during his years with the Miami Heat. Beyond that, like a true passing of the torch, LeBron is expected to give the number to Anthony Davis in a move that is so transparently on-the-nose you can’t help but appreciate it’s gusto.

The change didn’t happen last season though, and it now appears we’ll have to continue to wait.

LeBron set the record straight on his Instagram stories, noting that the number change won’t happen this year but he’s still hoping it will in 2021-22. The reason for the delay seems to be that Nike couldn’t make the proper accommodations in time.

While waving goodbye to No. 23 LeBron, the return of Heatles-era LeBron is one that will surely be welcomed by almost everyone. It’s also a fascinating layer being added to LeBron’s narrative, as it appears he’s doing what every elder-statesman in his profession has been doing as of late.

Just like Martin Scorsese meditating on his past with The Irishman, Quentin Tarantino waxing poetic and rewriting a happier history in Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood, and Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reflecting upon and revisiting their youth in Bad Boys For Life, LeBron is turning back the clock to a bygone era of his legacy.

Returning to wearing No. 6 isn’t about jersey sales (although, let’s be real that’s part of it too) it’s about LeBron being at such a peak of his career that he’s afforded the ability to tour his youth.

Of course, going galaxy brain with reading that far into a jersey change is perhaps trying too hard — but much like what we learned about hating LeBron, where’s the fun in that?

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