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Meek Mill is trying to persuade James Harden to come to 76ers

Meek Mill is trying to work his magic and sell James Harden on Philadelphia.

Those interested in reading the tea leaves have already anointed James Harden as the newest Brooklyn Net, as him turning down an extension from the Houston Rockets and allegedly wanted to play with Kevin Durant are both things working in Brooklyn’s favor. However, the Philadelphia 76ers are also in on Harden, and they have a previously unseen wild card waiting in the wings they think can turn the tables and change Harden’s mind.

David Aldridge and Kelly Iko of The Athletic are reporting that the 76ers have called in their ace in the hole, Philly-born rapper Meek Mill, in order to convince Harden to choose Philadelphia over Brooklyn.

Will Meek Mill be enough to change James Harden’s mind?

It’s easy to see why Harden would want to play in Brooklyn, as the offensive potential of a team featuring himself, Durant, and Kyrie Irving all sharing the floor for heavy minutes could be frightening. With former Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni, who helped Harden win three scoring titles and an MVP, helping out Steve Nash on the bench, the Nets could be aggressive enough to go for broke and make this deal.

Philadelphia might not be an ideal landing spot given the complete absence of shooting on the roster, but it would make sense as well. With former Rockets mastermind Daryl Morey now involved with shaking up Doc Rivers’ roster, Harden could be the genuine superstar that helps finally get Philly into the Finals. With players like Ben Simmons and Al Horford potentially going the other way in a trade, Rafael Stone and the Rockets might be able to get more back in a trade with the 76ers than in a deal with the Nets.

Brooklyn might have the stars and the familiarity with Harden in the coaching staff, but they are severely lacking in the Meek Mill department, and that could apparently come back to bite them.

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