Best quotes from Robin Lopez’s ridiculous Wizards intro press conference

Robin Lopez’s introductory press conference with the Washington Wizards was magical.

You will not be disappointed by the quotes from Robin Lopez joining the Washington Wizards.

Lopez has played for so many NBA teams over the years. He has built a reputation for being a strong defensive-minded player, a Disney enthusiast and a vicious fighter of mascots. So when the 7-footer joined the Wizards this offseason, there was no doubt about all the magical things he would say in his introductory press conference. The quotes from it are hall-of-fame worthy.

Power ranking wizards and dissing your twin brother is always the way to go

Though he could have gone with Gandalf, Lopez made the best decision to have Hermione Granger as the GOAT of wizards because let’s be real, she really is the best. She is the smartest witch of her age. Granger bailed out Harry Potter and Ron Weasley loads of times and taught us all how to pronounce Wingardium Leviosa. Liv-E-O-suh, not Liv-E-O-saw. Whatever, she is great, y’all.

Lopez may miss all of his Bucks teammates, but will definitely not miss his twin brother Brook Lopez. The Lopez Twins are the gift that keeps on giving. Combined, they are over 14 feet of goofiness and insane basketball ability. Did I forget they are Stanford educated and exceptionally petty with each other? The fact they do not already have a sitcom together deeply disturbs me.

Finally, the cat is out of the bag with Lopez saying he is not a fan of the Wizards’ mascot G-Wiz. Gee, whiz. . .He is not even a good mascot and Lopez already hates his guts. They might be on the same team now, but it is going to take so much bonding time for them to overcome this rocky start. It is not your fault, G-Wiz. Okay, maybe it is, but Lopez does not like any mascots anyway.

Who knows how long they will be together, but Lopez being a Wizard is the perfect all-around fit.

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