Gordon Hayward’s turkey is proof he should stick to playing basketball

Gordon Hayward showed off his cooking skills in a hilarious Thanksgiving video.

Gordon Hayward is set to join the Charlotte Hornets on a new four-year deal worth $120 million. Thus, he has plenty of money to buy himself a nice Thanksgiving feast.

Hayward has apparently decided to try cooking a turkey by himself and the results were not exactly great. His wife Robyn shared the results.

Gordon Hayward the chef

This video is a lot to watch. Everyone is looking on and trying to be as nice as possible as the NBA All-Star tries his best to cook and cut the bird. The best part? The video he has pulled up on his phone explaining how to cook a turkey.

It is easy to poke fun. But at least he is trying! Plenty of people know that sometimes being bad at cooking means you are banished from the kitchen and never learn. At least Hayward can get these early attempts out of the way now.

He also made sure to be prepared with the apron for what surely was a messy experience. Pair that with his mustache and he looks like quite the interesting chef.

Hayward continues to get big money in the NBA and is able to afford a private chef. Maybe his family and guests will push for that next year. He can continue to cook in his free time and have his new teammates try out his dishes throughout the year.

The Haywards seem to be having fun and that is all anyone can ask for on Thanksgiving. His new contract helps lift the spirits too, regardless of how the food tastes.

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