Check out this ridiculous montage of NBA players throwing out the first pitch

If you’re in need of a good laugh, watching NBA players throw out the first pitch at baseball games is sure to do the trick. 

Over the years, we’ve seen some incredible moments when athletes or celebrities take the mound at a baseball game to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Well, while 50 Cent may own the title for the worst toss we’ve ever seen, he’s most certainly not the only star who has had a forgettable moment.

Even some of the best athletes in the world aren’t immune to throwing a pretty embarrassing ball to the catcher for fans everywhere to laugh at. Take some NBA stars for example. While they might be incredible athletes, it’s been made clear they weren’t born to throw a baseball.

Fortunately for everyone, someone put together a highlight clip on YouTube of NBA players tossing out the first pitch, and it’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

A highlight reel of NBA players throwing out the first pitch is absolute gold

Oh goodness, where to start? James Harden nearly hit the moon with his lob. As for JaVale McGee, does anyone think he was able to break 35 miles per hour on his toss? We understand the importance of accuracy, but come on man, how about a little speed on that pitch?

Oh, and if we want to talk about a total nightmare, we’ve got to call out the one and only Michael Jordan. Before a Cubs game, arguably the best NBA player of all time missed his mark completely, firing the ball well over the catcher’s head. Jordan was able to laugh at himself, and we’ve all joined in with him.

Time and time again, the first pitch at MLB games continues to entertain the world. Here’s to hoping even more terrible throws will be showcased next season.

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