LeBron goes coast-to-coast for hehind-the-back dunk and Lakers bench rejoices (Video)

The Lakers are off to a hot start in Game 5 vs. the Rockets and LeBron James is a big reason for that, naturally.

The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to eliminate the Houston Rockets in Game 5 tonight and Team LeBron is off to a hot start.

LeBron James went nearly coast-to-coast and showed off a behind-the-back move before his dunk that brought the Lakers bench to life.

The dunk from King James gave the Lakers a 13-2 lead and while it’s early, it may be fair to say, that could be the rare first-quarter dagger in the NBA Playoffs. Of course, I probably just jinxed that in the same time but I like to live dangerously.

LeBron goes behind-the-back for the slam dunk to give the Lakers a big lead early in Game 5 with the Rockets facing elimination

You gotta love the reaction from the Lakers bench after LeBron shook the rim on this dunk.

Year 17 LeBron has been on a mission this postseason and you know he had his game face on when he arrived for the game in a Colin Kaepernick blacked-out jersey. You just know the Rockets stood no chance when he has his mind set on court domination like that.

Whether you love LeBron or you don’t like LeBron, which is most likely not for basketball reasons, you can’t deny he’s still got it after all these years and a potential Western Conference Finals matchup with Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and the Los Angeles Clippers would be a monster matchup for casual and die-hard NBA fans alike.

The Rockets and Denver Nuggets still have a little something to say about that, but with NBA ratings seemingly at the forefront of many conversations these days, ratings for the two L.A. teams would surely result in mega numbers that would be hard to spin in a negative fashion.

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