Fred VanVleet seeing his kids for the first time in months has us in tears (Video)

No, YOU’RE crying after watching Fred VanVleet greet his kids again.

Everyone made note of the NBA Dad strength that enveloped Fred VanVleet in last year’s playoffs after his son, Fred Jr., was born. After watching the Toronto Raptors guard reunite with his kids for the first time in months within the NBA bubble, we understand why being a father gave him that kind of superhuman strength.

Monday was the first day the families of NBA players could clear quarantine and be reunited, and the sight of VanVleet greeting his kids is one of the more wholesome images of 2020.

Can you make it through this video without tearing up, or are you normal?

We’re incredibly happy for Fred VanVleet and his family

It’s no secret that this has been a trying year for everyone, but NBA players have some extra weight on their shoulders as athletes, business men, family men, Black men, social justice advocates, entertainers, or simply as mentally and physically healthy human beings — you name it, the current state of the nation has made it hard for them to excel in every single one of those areas all at once.

Not only are they expected to “shut up and dribble” by so many who are bored during a pandemic and want to watch sports without “politics,” but they’ve also been doing so isolated from their families, subjected to rigorous COVID-19 testing, all while feeling the burden of using their platforms to make their voices heard after the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, as well as the recent Jacob Blake shooting.

Oh, and they’re doing all that while being criticized every step of the way, while trying to play for a championship.

Mental health has never been more important under those types of circumstances, so just having their families around will go a long way in helping their heads and their hearts stay strong. And bearing all that in mind while watching VanVleet greet his adorable children for the first time in months … yeah, it’s no wonder it’s getting a little dusty in here.

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