Twitter has lost its mind and thinks Luka Doncic is…a soccer player?

Get it together, Twitter, because Luka Doncic is NOT a soccer player.

In Twitter’s eyes, there is no discernible difference between Luka Doncic and Luka Modric.

Doncic is the superstar swingman for the Dallas Mavericks. Modric is the star midfielder for Real Madrid and the face of the Croatian Men’s National Soccer Team. While Modric nearly led Croatia to an improbable World Cup victory in Summer 2018, Doncic had his first big moment in Summer 2020, stunning the LA Clippers with a buzzer-beater on Sunday in the NBA bubble.

The game-winner over the No Good Clippers was the best moment thus far in the first round of the NBA playoffs. We all knew he was going to do it, but when he did and put “Playoff P” Paul George in his place, Twitter erupted in a fiery blaze of glory and all havoc ensued. Users messed with the algorithm so much that even Mavericks owner Mark Cuban noticed his star…soccer player?

Could Luka Doncic dominate on the pitch like he does on the hardwood?

If Doncic were a football player, he’d have to be a striker for the Slovenian National Team. He would go by one name, and one name alone: Luka. He’d provide all the flair of a Brazilian national team superstar with late-game heroics on par with what he displayed in the Orlando Bubble on Sunday afternoon. He could do what Modric did in future World Cups in his late 20s and early 30s.

Luka is a great name and he may live on the second floor. He lives upstairs from you and yes, I think you might’ve seen him before. So why is Twitter getting him confused with a soccer player? I mean, he literally used his hands to beat George, Kawhi Leonard and the No Good Clippers. Could you imagine if he kicked that ball through the hoop with the inside of his foot? Legendary stuff.

And that’s what Doncic is: a living legend. How dare Twitter get him confused with a soccer player. Good job by Cuban to bring attention to this nonsense. He’s a billionaire and he’s on on Shark Tank, so he knows what’s up. Don’t try to get anything by Cuban, because he’s going to bring it to our attention like the 2011 NBA Finals champion he is.

If Luka were a soccer player, he’d be ever better than that other Luka who plays soccer.

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