Damian Lillard just put Skip Bayless in a body bag

Skip Bayless took a swipe at Damian Lillard, and it didn’t go his way

The professional hater otherwise known as Skip Bayless is still on the airwaves, believe it or not, losing in ratings battles with children’s shows on the daily. Just a few days after Damian Lillard missed two clutch free throws against the Los Angeles Clippers, losing an otherwise very winnable game against the Clip show minus Kawhi Leonard, Bayless took aim at Lillard.

This is all in spite of the fact that Lillard put up 50-plus points on Sunday against the Philadelphia 76ers in response to not just pundits, but his fellow players, as Paul George and Patrick Beverley initiated a war of words on Instagram taking aim at the 30-year-old.

Skip is still not a believer in Dame Time, despite years of evidence

Bayless holds grudges for decades, just ask LeBron James. There’s no rhyme or reason that Skip thinks Lillard can’t get it done in crunch time, other than his gut. Bayless is a TV personality first, thoughtful pundit second, meaning his opinions are merely crafted for entertainment. While Bayless used to be a sports columnist in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, he no longer assumes any such role of journalistic integrity and frankly, he doesn’t pretend to.

Skip is paid an ungodly amount of money to be hated. That is his primary job, and the more athletes like Lillard publicly call him out, the better. It’s exactly what FOX and Bayless were hoping for.

So, yes, Lillard owned Bayless, but in the process Skip will have to respond directly to Dame on Tuesday’s Skip and Shannon: Undisputed (that’s the name of the show, I checked) which is precisely what he wants.

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