Los Angeles Clippers, Portland Trail Blazers

Paul George claps back at Damian Lillard’s comments on Instagram

The feud between the Trail Blazers and Clippers just got even more intense after their Saturday showdown

If you were looking for some NBA drama, the Los Angeles Clippers and the Portland Trail Blazers provided more than an afternoon soap opera. Even without Kawhi Leonard, Montrezl Harrell and Patrick Beverley on the court, the Clippers managed to get the 122-117 win over the Trail Blazers, thanks to two missed free throws from point guard Damian Lillard. After those misses, Beverley was seen mockingly chanting “Dame Time” while laughing hysterically.

After the game, Lillard let it be known that he saw the antics of Beverley and Paul George, and he reminded the media that he sent both players home from the NBA Playoffs in the past. Lillard’s quote was posted on Bleacher Report’s official account, and George quickly commented on it by saying the Trail Blazers star will be “sent home this year.” But, George ended it with “respect,” and trust us when we say that he didn’t say it with respectful intent.

Lillard responds, but Beverley tags in

Lillard didn’t take too kindly to PG’s words, and replied to him less than 20 minutes later. “Dame” took a shot at George switching from the Indiana Pacers to the Oklahoma City Thunder to eventually the Clippers, saying that he’s “running from the grind.” Oh, and he called the Clippers “chumps.”

Wait a minute, that’s Patrick Beverley’s music! And he’s got a steel chair!

The instigating point guard for the Clippers jumped in the fray to clap back at Lillard for trashing his team. Beverley all but says that Portland is going to be sent out of the Walt Disney World bubble and will instead go on vacation to Cancun.

After a five month hiatus, the drama has returned to the NBA! But to take this spectacle to the next level, we absolutely need the Blazers and Clippers to face off in the playoffs this year. To do so, Portland would have to clinch the eighth seed and defeat the Los Angeles Lakers in the first-round. It’s not easy, but as 2020 has proven anything is possible.

All we can say is “this league!”

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