LeBron James ‘could care less’ about Donald Trump’s support

LeBron Jame is not worried about Donald Trump’s negative criticism.

LeBron James is more than just a star in the game of basketball. His voice carries weight off the court as well, and he has morphed into a true public figure in society.

James has always used his wealth to give back to those less fortunate and makes sure to back up his words with action. That is why he doesn’t appear too concerned about negative and expected comments from President Donald Trump about NBA players kneeling during the national anthem.

LeBron James doesn’t care if Trump is watching

Grammar nerds will notice the mistake with what James said, but let’s ignore that.

James is right in saying the NBA will be just fine if Trump isn’t watching after the president called the players’ choice to kneel “disgraceful” and said he would turn off the game when he sees it happen. It is highly unlikely Trump was watching in the first place, and speaking out against players kneeling during the national anthem is just another popular talking point of his.

The Los Angeles Lakers star has been around long enough to know that Trump’s comments are not even worth engaging. Basketball fans are tuning in and it is clear the game is not suffering from some drastic dip in popularity. Those who turn the games off because of the kneeling form a small minority compared to those who continue watching to support their team.

A United States president commenting on what happens in the NBA sure is bizarre, but that’s just the nature of our society in 2020. Those taking a knee are seeking to end up on the right side of history, and it should be clear that those vehemently opposing a peaceful protest are on the wrong side.

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James is an ambassador for the game, and it is great he can speak out on such issues and support the entire league with a single statement.

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