Meyers Leonard absolutely crushes shotgunning a beer

Meyers Leonard proved he learned things in college by shotgunning a beer.

When you’re about that bubble life, you must learn to shotgun beers like Meyers Leonard.

Or don’t. I mean, it’s a fun and effective way to dominate some questionably cold Coors Light. Shotgunning brews isn’t for everyone, but every now and then, you gotta give it the old college try. You were way dumber back then, but if you were smart about anything, you knew how to consume as much alcohol in as little time as possible. Not all heroes can affords capes in college.

For those who majored in leisure studies like yours truly at the University of Georgia, and clearly Leonard at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, we salute you and raise a toast. Now watch Leonard get 12 ounces closer to freedom by shotgunning the hell out of his beer. Though the Miami Heat center’s technique is questionable at best, so was Rick Barry‘s free-throw shooting stroke. It worked.

Meyers Leonard should be sponsored by Coors Light after this shotgun.

As a guy whose college GPA closely resembles Michael Jordan’s jersey number with a decimal thrown in somewhere, I feel that I have the expertise to critique a shotgun when I see one. Four nights a week for five years, yeah, that has to add up close to Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule, right? There’s a lot to like here with Leonard, but a lot of things I would have done differently.

Everybody knows the best place in the world to shotgun a beer is in Florida. It was underwater for a reason before, and everybody who goes to the Sunshine State is there to have a good time, especially if you’re there to work. I love the attire, point blank. Pink basketball shorts are dope. Then again, so is the black “blessed” T-shirt and the “do epic s**t” camo hat. I respect the look.

In terms of venue, shotgunning in a hotel room reminds me of spring break, Georgia/Florida and that Gators wear jean shorts. Had Leonard done this on a balcony or under a bridge in Jacksonville while wearing jorts, then he’d have some epic Duval Lynyrd Skynyrd perfection going on right there. He’s a pair of faded jorts away from looking like he’s going on a Monster Jam date night.

As for the hole at the bottom of the ‘Stone can-o-Coors, I mean, you can be precise about it and cut a nice opening for your mouth to enjoy a semi-refreshing light beer. But half the fun of shotgunning a brew is the spontaneity of it. It’s about being pulled out of the house and onto the side porch, grabbing your keys out of pocket, stabbing it like a Capri Sun and then running train.

Though I do respect most things about his shotgunning abilities, I have one major concern: What on God’s green earth are you doing with your hands? Put your dominant hand on the tab to crack the brew. Let that Silver Bullet chill in your southpaw. Nobody needs the Dan Uggla flinging the bat over your head crapola here. It may work in Miami, but I know everyone will boo you in The ATL.

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As for the execution, I can get past the Craig Counsell over your head hands thing because that 7-foot frame guzzled down some Rocky Mountain deliciousness like his fun great uncle John “Bluto” Blutarsky did in his Delta Tau Chi days over at Faber College. Knowledge is good, but everybody knows NBA bubble brew is way better. I can’t believe he’s getting paid to do this. Live that dream!

Leonard is absolutely thriving since taking his talents to South Beach, and we love him for it.

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