Steph Curry hears your ‘system player’ jabs and is having none of it

A subtle shot from Steph back at Bomani Jones’ wild take.

It may be the offseason for Steph Curry and the Warriors, but that doesn’t mean people have taken a rest on attacking him. The other day, on “The Right Time with Bomani Jones” podcast, the eponymous Bomani had a thought process that is a bit difficult to understand.

Jones stated his standards for a superstar as a player who immediately makes his team a contender solely through his presence — guys like LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant and the like.

Steph Curry, however, does not fit that bill for Bomani. Having Steph is good, but not enough to single-handedly win a trophy, he requires “fairly specific things around him,” without ever describing what exactly those things are.

He then goes on to say,

There’s something different. It’s hard to explain what it is with Steph, but Steph is somehow like the greatest system player of all time. And I’m not saying that to shade him.

Instead of directly responding to Bomani, Steph dropped a passive response in celebrating the start of the WNBA season. Well done.

In terms of Bomani’s comments, it is difficult to see how Steph Curry is different from the other players on his list. Looking at LeBron James, he could not win a title until joining the likes of Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, or having the help of Kyrie Irving in Cleveland.

The same is true for KD and Kawhi. Giannis? You call me when he wins a championship.

Are most of the NBA’s superstars system players?

To question Steph’s ability to get his own shot and his role as a superstar is relatively shortsighted. But if he wants to question that, as Steph said, shout out to all the system players, because they must be doing a pretty good job.

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