How is the sports world responding to the George Floyd protests?

How is the NFL, MLB and NFL world responding to the George Floyd protests?

It’s been a difficult week for America as many of the nation has come together to protest the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police. Citizens have taken to forming protests, first to call for the arrest of the Derek Chauvin and the other officers involved in the incident that many are calling murder, and now to voice a greater displeasure about the way police handle men and women of color.

The protests have turned violent and destructive as masses of people have been seen looting and rioting in the streets of cities around the United States. More people have died from the protests and the police’s reaction to them, forcing everyone to take a stand on one side or the other.

Now, as protests grow many athletes and organizations have voiced their support of the issues plaguing America.

How has the NFL responded to the George Floyd protests?

Perhaps one of the more controversial statements came from the NFL on Saturday. The statement brought cries of hypocrisy with Colin Kaepernick’s name being brought into the equation. Kaepernick has announced his Know Your Rights Camp campaign will provide legal assistance to protestors who were arrested by police.

How has the MLB responded to the George Floyd protests?

The MLB has not issued a statement at press time but various players and teams have, here are just a few including the home team, Minnesota Twins.

How has the NBA responded to the George Floyd protests?

The GOAT Michael Jordan spoke on the issues plaguing America.

Read the Sacramento Kings’ official statement

NBA commissioner Adam Silver addressed league employees via a memo, which was later obtained by the press where he wrote:

“Just as we are fighting a pandemic, which is impacting communities and people of color more than anyone else, we are being reminded that there are wounds in our country that have never healed,” Silver said. “Racism, police brutality and racial injustice remain part of everyday life in America and cannot be ignored. At the same time, those who serve and protect our communities honorably and heroically are again left to answer for those who don’t.”

How have other sports responded to the George Floyd protests?

The UFC, which held a live event on Saturday evening paid tribute during their main card broadcast on ESPN.

A soccer player, Jadon Sancho, wore a yellow shirt with the words “justice for George Floyd” during a game

Many celebrities, politicians and journalists have voiced their feelings on the issues and we encourage you to read what your favorite players and organizations are saying about this very important, heated issue.

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