Which NBA team will increase their win total the most in 2019-20?

A new episode of Fastbreak Breakfast picks the teams that are likely to see the largest win total increases in the coming season.

When ESPN releases a graphic naming Jeremy Lin and J.R. Smith as among the top available free agent options, you know the summer is starting to wind down. If your team hasn’t gotten better by now I’ve got some bad news:

Help isn’t on the way.

With the majority of player movement settled, Vegas has released their over/under win totals. and we can start to get a clearer picture of how the 2019-20 standings will probably shake out. Which teams will see the largest increase in wins from last year? Which teams are moving in the opposite direction?

On a new episode of Fastbreak Breakfast we answer those questions, in addition to covering the following items:

  • Who are some players we are expecting to break out in the coming campaign?
  • At your peak physical level, how tall would you need to be to get an invite to NBA Summer League?
  • What are some precedents for the Memphis Grizzlies wearing Vancouver throwbacks? Should franchises not be allowed to wear jerseys representing different cities?
  • Why isn’t more being made of Kevin Durant’s contract being a risk for the Nets?
  • How are Daryl Morey and Masai Ujiri challenging themselves this summer?
  • What is a food that you wish were a socially acceptable breakfast food so you could eat it in the morning without people judging you?

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Music provided courtesy of New Man and Codaphonic.

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