NBA Free Agency

NBA Free Agency 2019: Most impactful signings of the summer

The 2019 edition of NBA Free Agency promised us fireworks, and it sure did deliver. Now that it’s largely over, which signings will be the most impactful?

NBA Free Agency 2019, for all intents and purposes, is over.

Sure, there will be more signings to come, but as for watching the big names that were on our radar for the past year, it’s over. So now that the big names have put their signatures on contracts, and have (mostly) been introduced to the fans, there are several questions that now linger, one of which is which signings were the most impactful.

Each free agent who has signed this offseason will make an impact with their new team, be it a positive or a negative one. For the purpose of this story, we’ll focus on the free agents who will, without a doubt, have a positive impact on their new squad.

Will some people disagree with this list? Probably.

No doubt we will have some readers who will curse this story to the bowels of journalism. However, we do think that most will agree with our list, and whether you agree or disagree, sound off in the comments below.

I’ll have my popcorn ready to go.

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