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NBA Free Agency 2019: 5 underrated early signings

Most of the big names in 2019 NBA free agency have agreed to deals, but what are the best signings that have gone somewhat under the radar?

Without making any hyperbolic generalizations, it feels safe to say that 2019 NBA free agency was one of the most anticipated free agency periods in quite some time. In the over 36 hours since the new early start time of the moratorium period, things have lived up to the hype. Things got off to a furious start and, though they slowed down, the majority of the big storylines around the league developed quickly.

The big dominoes to fall were, of course, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving (in addition to DeAndre Jordan, as well) all agreeing to deals with the Brooklyn Nets, thus changing the landscape of the league. That also meant D’Angelo Russell would be looking for a new home, which he found with the Golden State Warriors via a sign-and-trade.

Additionally, the early parts of NBA free agency saw Kemba Walker leave for the Boston Celtics, Klay Thompson re-sign with the Warriors, Jimmy Butler agree with the Miami Heat by way of a sign-and-trade, Al Horford set his sights on the Philadelphia 76ers, Khris Middleton agree to remain with the Milwaukee Bucks and much more.

While the NBA world still waits on the decision of Kawhi Leonard, he’s truly the only massive name — unless you include DeMarcus Cousins — that remains without a new contract agreement. Thus, the dust is starting to settle on 2019 NBA free agency already. However, not every impactful signing is one of the blockbuster deals.

There have been plenty of agreed upon deals to this point that didn’t make big headlines like the stars of the league did but will turn out to be great for the teams and players that made them. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the five best early signings from the start of 2019 NBA free agency.

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