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NBA Free Agency: Could Al Horford head to the Pelicans?

Al Horford has started following Zion Williamson and Jrue Holiday on Instagram, and that has fans thinking he could sign with the New Orleans Pelicans.

Al Horford could be heading from Beantown to the Big Easy.

According to a tweet from NBA Twitter God Rob Perez, Horford has started following Zion Williamson and Jrue Holiday on Instagram, which, if you’re one of the folks who loves to read the tea leaves, means only one thing:

Horford could be heading for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Now, it isn’t official, and we’re going off of Instagram here, but Horford to the Pelicans makes a lot of sense.

He is a veteran that can provide leadership and production on and off the court, and the Pelicans do have the money to spend on a player like him. Horford, as you may recall, opted out of his contract to become an unrestricted free agent, and he’s making it quite clear that he doesn’t want to play with the Boston Celtics anymore.

For starters, the Celtics are almost certain to not pay Horford the money that he’s commanding in free agency. According to a story on NESN, the relationship between Horford and the Celtics wasn’t bad, but his camp believes, legitimately, that the Celtics are looking to get younger, and are not willing to pay Horford the money he wants.

So, he’s looking elsewhere, and one of the teams he’s looking at appears to be the Pelicans, who are in a rebuilding phase and are searching for a mentor for Williamson who can also be productive on the court.

Now, Horford following Zion and Holiday could ultimately turn out to be a wash as there are other teams angling for his services. One of those teams happens to be the Sacramento Kings, who are looking to upgrade their frontcourt and could also be an ideal spot for Horford.

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