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NBA Draft 2019: 5 best fits for Bol Bol

Bol Bol’s draft stock is hard to pin down, and he could go anywhere in the 2019 NBA Draft. Here are the best five fits for him.

Bol Bol is the most polarizing player we’ve seen in the NBA Draft in quite some time. You will see him all over big boards right now. He’s number five for us currently, but you’ll find him at the back of the lottery, the early twenties, and even out of the first round entirely depending on where you look. On one hand, he’s one of the draft’s best shooting prospects and does that at an incredible size, 7-foot-3 with a 7-foot-7 wingspan. He can shoot over almost anyone and adds incredible finishing ability and some handling ability to that skill. He’s also a talented shot blocker and figures to be able to do the same in the NBA. However, his overall defensive ability may be incredibly suspect thanks to his frame and lack of instincts. Add in his foot injury, a very scary proposition for a guy as big as Bol, and you have a guy that you can make any argument for in terms of his potential outcome.

That all likely means that fit is going to be a major indicator for where Bol will end up. He likely needs significant development on both ends of the floor, and physically as well. That means a team with a good training staff that can help him build his core strength and get past his foot injury. It means a team with a good culture that can help him overcome his defensive limitations. And it probably means a team that will recognize how to use his offensive skill set — that of a center who can functionally play on the wing at the next level.

Since Bol’s draft stock is all over the place, we can pretty much utilize the entire draft order to find ideal fits for him. There are definitely spots that can make the best of what Bol can offer on both ends if you look hard enough. Here are the five best such cases to make the best of Bol’s unique strengths and weaknesses.

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