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Paul Pierce finally comes clean about famous ‘wheelchair’ moment

Paul Pierce’s famous “wheelchair” moment will forever be an iconic memory in NBA Finals history. But now we know the real deal behind it, and it’s nasty.

Paul Pierce had one of the most iconic moments in NBA Finals history when, in 2008, he went to the locker room in a wheelchair, only to come back to the floor, Willis Reed-style.

For the past 11 years, we were told (and apparently saw with our own eyes) that an injury forced Pierce to have to be carried off the floor in that wheelchair. Now that his playing days are over, and he has become a meme-like member of ESPN’s NBA Countdown show, he finally confessed the truth about that moment.

Thanks to NBA Twitter God Rob Perez, who caught the moment on camera, Pierce said that the reason why he had to be carried off in a wheelchair was that he had to poop.

Yes, you read that correctly. Now, here’s the video proof:

One of the most famous moments in NBA history occurred all because Pierce had to use the bathroom, and since this was during a game, he, apparently, faked a horrendous injury just so he could do the No. 2.

Once Pierce finally answered one of the greatest myths in NBA lore, the Countdown crew couldn’t believe what they heard, with a commenter, Nathan Hiatt, capturing this hilarious facial expression once Pierce spilled the beans:

Pierce’s stinky admission was just the cherry on the sundae of a year that has seen the Celtic great go from a respectable NBA analyst to a walking, talking meme. This hilarious admission tops the laughable “Celtics in 5” prediction that will certainly go down in NBA meme history.

Now, Pierce has added another to the collection, and for this one, you’ll need to make sure you buy some Febreze.

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