Golden State Warriors, Toronto Raptors

Drake takes the postgame troll to Instagram

Drake is definitely taking his role as a team ambassador for the Toronto Raptors seriously.

The NBA had a conversation with Drake before the NBA Finals began that he should not be rubbing the shoulders of Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse during any games, and so the rapper and team ambassador decided to up his troll game and turn that focus onto the Golden State Warriors. Respect.

When he said hello to Steph Curry, he managed to snag a piece of lint out of the point guard’s hair and then offered it on eBay after the game with “DraymondShouldn’tWear23” as the username.

Drake certainly picked the right moment to belittle Draymond. Green did have a triple-double Thursday night, but he also turned the ball over six times and failed to stop Pascal Siakam from getting to the rim.

Klay Thompson, the low-key shooting who was mad that he didn’t make it on an All-NBA team, also got a little “Hotline Bling” dance thrown his way. This was after Thompson said he wouldn’t listen to the song on his playlist because it was “one of [Drake’s] soft, R&B songs. I’m gonna skip it because I’m in kill mode right now.”

This was the rapper’s clap back after the guard got a technical.

If you think his troll game was through there, then you are sorely mistaken. He made a face at last night’s contest that drew a Game of Thrones comparison to the Queen of Dragons. It’s currently making its way around the internet as a popular meme.

Has it been brought up yet that Drake hilariously wore a Dell Curry Raptors jersey to the game? No. Well, he did. Oh, by the way, it also happened to be an autographed jersey.

Suppose it should be mentioned that the Raptors won Game 1 by a significant margin (118-109) with Kawhi Leonard and Siakam playing excellent basketball. Siakam dropped 32 points, eight rebounds and five assists on 14 out of 17 field goals. Holy cow. If he plays that efficiently in every game, then this might be quite a short series. Leonard didn’t have his best game of all time, but he turned his robotic brain on yesterday and quietly recorded 43 minutes, 23 points, eight rebounds, and five assists into his database.

As for Drake, just keep trolling man. Just keep trolling.

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