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Religious leaders are actually praying for Zion Williamson to become a Knick

On NBA Draft Lottery Day, New York City religious leaders are praying for the Knicks to win the lottery in order for the team to draft Zion Williamson.

It isn’t a secret that the New York Knicks need all the prayers they can get on NBA Draft Lottery Day.

Zion Williamson is the biggest prize in this year’s NBA Draft, and tonight, the lottery ping-pong will frolic inside the scrambler, and rebuilding teams will be crossing their fingers, toes, and whatever else they can cross in hopes to land the top pick.

Knicks fans are going even further, calling on the city’s religious leaders to pray that the Knicks can land the number one pick in order to select their new future of the franchise — Zion Williamson.

Those leaders answered the call, gathering at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday to send a prayer to the Basketball Gods. Organizes did their best to hedge spiritual bets and there was a rabbi, a priest, a shaman, a miracle healer, even two witches (yes, witches exists!) who came to cast a spell on the Garden to persuade the ping-pong balls to fall the Knicks way.

“Here in New York, we need all the help we can get, especially from the higher powers,” Rabbi Adam Mintz told the New York Post.

He’s right, you know?

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The Knicks have seemingly “worked” their way to this moment. They jettisoned all of their best players, turned a once-proud franchise into a glorified AAU squad, all for the hopes of cashing in big this offseason. Not only do the Knicks have favorable odds to win the Lottery, but they will also be a prime free agent landing spot.

So, they’re nothing wrong with a little prayer for the Draft Lottery tonight. Here’s hoping it works out for them.

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