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Magic Johnson tells on the Lakers in fiery new interview

In his latest interview, former Lakers President of Basketball Operations, Magic Johnson spilled all the details on why he left the organization.

When Magic Johnson first became the President of Basketball Operations for the Lakers in 2017, it seemed like the Lakers were bound to win multiple championships. With the ideas of bringing LeBron James to LA and attracting other superstar players, Johnson looked like he was setting up the Lakers for long term success. However, it all came crashing down just two years later.

On “First Take” on ESPN, Magic Johnson spoke candidly all the reasons on why he decided he could not be part of the Lakers organization anymore. One of the more eye-opening reasons was that he could not work with Lakers General Manager, Rob Pelinka. Saying this, per The NY Post:

“I wasn’t having fun coming to work anymore,” the Lakers legend said, “especially when I gotta work beside [Pelinka], knowing that you want my position.”

Johnson noted that he felt he was losing power in his job position, and that he and Rob Pelinka were constantly at odds over certain decisions that needed to be made. The former Lakers president also highlighted that he wanted to choose his own coach but did not receive support from Lakers owner/president Jeanie Buss and some other front office leaders in the organization.

After trying to convince Jeanie Buss that they should move on from former coach, Luke Walton, and bring in a new coach, Johnson realized that his efforts were going nowhere, and resigned from his job on April 9. It was truly an ugly ending to what once seemed like such a promising time for the Lakers organization.

“I showed her the things [Walton] did well and the things he didn’t do well,” Johnson said. “I said listen, we gotta get a better coach. I like him, he’s great, former Laker, the whole thing.”

With Magic Johnson releasing all the behind the scenes information on the Lakers organization, it really goes to show how much of a mess the organization might be in. It’s up to the current front office to fix it and give LeBron James the tools to bring a championship to LA.

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