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Giannis Antetkounmpo dips out on the postgame presser

Giannis Antetkounmpo was not feeling up to answering the press’ questions following Game Six. So, he decided to bounce on the last question.

We really can’t fault Giannis Antetkounmpo for not being up to answering questions from the press after a tough loss.

I mean, who would really want to answer questions as to why you lost the game, and other related nonsense? To Giannis, all of it was just noise that added to the pain that he was feeling following his Bucks being knocked out of the Eastern Conference Finals.

But while he may have found the questions to be inconvenient, he could have at least stuck around until the final question was answered.

Yes, when the final question of the night was being asked, Giannis decided he had enough, picked up his water bottle and walked out the press room. No goodbye, no see you next year, no “YOU ALL SUCK!”


Giannis just got up and left.

The question really wasn’t a dig at him or the Bucks, actually, but something else ticked Giannis off.

Right after the game, ESPN tweeted a story indicating that a source close to the Greek Freek would weigh his chances of staying in Milwaukee long term on a Finals run next season. That was awful timing by ESPN (even if they may be right), and Giannis may have already had his mind made up about walking out on the presser when he was notified of the story.

The look on Middleton’s face when he saw Giannis walk out of the room without saying a word really told the tale of the Bucks locker room. Shock, disbelief, and bewildered at how their season ended.

Part of the responsibility of being a pro athlete is answering questions from the press in difficult times, and Giannis failed this test, quietly and miserably.

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