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Joel Embiid was emotional after devastating buzzer beater by Kawhi Leonard

Joel Embiid was visibly sobbing after losing Game 7, and no one should come remotely close to trolling him about it.

Playoff basketball creates some of the most exciting endings in all sports. The last few seconds of a close basketball game can feel like a lifetime, and one shot can change the destiny for so many players, coaches and teams. The drama is unmatched even by some of the best shows on television.

Being on the losing end of a buzzer beater in game seven is emotional for everyone involved and Joel Embiid is no different.

losing on a buzzer beater is always heartbreaking. But to lose on a buzzer beater that bounced 4 times off the rim to be sent home in a game 7 is next level. Joel Embiid is a true competitor who put his body on the line for the Sixers every second of this series. He played 45 minutes in game 7 alone.

He was sick throughout the series but he persevered and left everything in the arena, and it was all seemingly for nothing. After the game, he could be seen crying on the court and was consoled by players on both teams. These emotions carried into the locker room.

During Inside the NBA on TNT, Charles Barkley said that “everyone has cried over a loss in a big game”. The crew continued to explain how it’s just part of being a competitor. When you give so much and end up losing, it takes a physical and emotional toll on you, no matter the situation.

Joel Embiid and every player on the Philadelphia 76ers loves basketball. They live and breathe the game for a majority of the year, and all of their hard work ended with a single shot by Kawhi Leonard.

Of course, fans got off jokes, but 99% of us would react the same way Joel Embiid did. Embiid showing emotion just shows how much he loves the game.

However, his teammates, opposing Raptors players and people on Twitter were there to support Embiid. The City of Philadelphia made it known that they had his back. Everyone knows Embiid left his all on the hardwood no matter what he was dealing with. He has the heart of a champion.

Joel Embiid embodies what It means to give your all, and when it doesn’t work out, it can be devastating.  Joel Embiid deserves our respect and he will be back stronger than ever next year. All he and any of us can do after a loss like this is stand up, dust yourself off and get right back to fighting.

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