Turns out the Durant injury plot twist was merely a red herring

For a moment, the NBA playoffs presented an unbelievable and unexpected plot twist: Kevin Durant was hurt, opening the door for the Rockets to rally and advance.

Injuries are bad, no one wants anyone to get hurt. But if viewed merely as a plot device, Durant’s injury had upped the intrigue of the NBA playoffs considerably. Like when Game of Thrones used to kill off main characters.  Without Durant the Warriors were sitting ducks! Who could have seen this coming?

But it turns out it was just a red herring. Warriors win again. Sorry haters. Good job NBA script writers for tricking us and heightening the drama.

On a new episode of Fastbreak Breakfast we discuss this latest turn of events and wish Durant a speedy recovery. Will him missing time affect the rest of the playoffs now that they advanced past Houston? Can the Rockets rebound from being eliminated [again] to a team missing a superstar?

Also covered on this off-the-wall episode:

  • Is everyone still underselling how good the Bucks are?
  • Why does Paul Pierce keep burying himself?
  • What in the world were the Lakers thinking with their coaching search? Is there any way to fix the team, short of staging a protest?
  • Is there a mutually beneficial trade available between the Grizzlies and Pacers that would finally put Mike Conley in the Eastern Conference?
  • Nikola Jokic has validated a lot of believers so far in the postseason, but what will it take for him to be considered a superstar?
  • What’s the easiest job you ever had?

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Music provided courtesy of New Man and Codaphonic.

Next: Does Mike Conley care what happens in the lottery?

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