LeBron James is reportedly having a hard time casting Space Jam 2

One wouldn’t think that LeBron James would have any trouble getting his friends to star in Space Jam 2. Apparently, that may be the case.

When it was first announced that LeBron James would be producing, and staring, in Space Jam 2, it seemed like he wouldn’t have any trouble convincing his superstar friends to help him defeat the Monstars. Half the fun of the announcement was figuring out the rest of his team.

Well, it seems like things are a bit harder than they appeared.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the journalist who knows King James the best, reported that LeBron has not been able to close deals with the “top players” that are on his list to star in Space Jam 2. This is a little puzzling, as one would expect that the “top players” on his list certainly would have been itching to star in this film.

We guessed wrong, apparently, just like we were wrong to believe that LeBron would make a mismatched Lakers roster into a Western Conference contender.

Part of the reason why many of the “top players” won’t (as of now) sign on to Space Jam 2 is the fact that many of them will be focused on playing for a championship later this month. So, having to deal with the playoffs, and a filming schedule afterward may be a bit too much for those players.

As usual in our time, Twitter has had an absolute field day with this, and we want to share with you the best hits we’ve found so far.

That last tweet is masterful because it sums up every Laker fan feelings right about now.

Maybe LeBron’s next stop is the G League, to find some talent who is itching for an opportunity to show what they can do. If that doesn’t work, I’m pretty sure Shawn Bradley would be interested in reprising his role.

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