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Luka Doncic gave James Harden a taste of his own medicine

Luka Doncic used James Harden’s signature step back against him in last night’s Mavericks versus Rockets matchup.

NBA rookie sensation Luka Doncic has become a fan favorite this season. Although his Dallas Mavericks team could be better, Doncic has become the highlight and breath of fresh air needed to provide optimism to Mav fans for years to come.

Although a loss to the Rockets would ensue, Doncic’s performance last night may have further stretched the Mavericks fanbase optimism. He nearly tallied a triple-double, scoring 21 points, 10 rebounds, and eight assists.

But it was this move against James Harden that would really steal the night.

Yes, that move and ironically over Harden.

Harden has made this particular step back his own, and it’s nearly impossible for the shot to be stopped due to its nature and Harden’s size. However, it hasn’t come without controversy. Many basketball fans and pundits alike debate whether the move is legal or a travel. But both sides may agree that the move is an exciting part of Harden’s game. And evidently, it may be apart of Doncic’s as well.

If Doncic can make the move apart of his basketball repertoire, it would make the international star even more difficult to stop. He already has equipped an all-around offensive game and is always a threat for a triple-double.

But the Mavericks adequately set themselves up by adding pieces to not only help Doncic but to allow the Mavericks to compete for years. The Mavericks already are excited about the potential damage that he and newly-acquired Mav Kristaps Porzingis could do, and a Doncic that kill opponents with a step back, paired with the worldly talent of Porzingis could be a nightmare.

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But we won’t be able to see this until possibly later on in the season, but most likely next year. Until then, we can only hope for more Hardenesque step backs from Doncic.

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