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Kevin Durant went all in on the media

In a post-game news presser, Kevin Durant decides to let us in on the frustration he has accumulated with the media covering his pending free agency.

Kevin Durant will be a free agent this offseason but has stated openly his focus is on bringing a third consecutive title to Golden State. However, a recent article written by Ethan Strauss of The Athletic implied that Durant was seeking validation as the best NBA player, period. Strauss also wrote that Durant was taken aback that he wasn’t vaulted over LeBron James after his performance in the 2017 NBA Finals.

So after the Warriors dominant win against the San Antonio Spurs Thursday night, Durant was questioned about his recent quietness toward the media.

And then, we went off.

“It’s unnecessary,” Durant said of all the noise surrounding his decision. “You got a dude, Ethan Strauss, who comes in here and just gives his whole opinion on stuff and makes it seem like it’s coming from me. And he just walks around here, don’t talk to nobody, just walk in here and survey and write something like that, and now you gotta pile on me because I don’t wanna talk to y’all about that.”

Perhaps Durant’s ire stems from the New York Knicks trading Kirstaps Porzingis in a move that was designed to clear cap space. The Knicks would probably target Durant and another star player this summer, and Durant has stayed mum since the transaction last week.

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But Durant’s stigma as being a sensitive player was just reassured with this latest outburst. It’s best for Durant to recognize he is in the most ideal situation for a player of his skillset. The media will be the media, and Durant must understand that’s less likely to change.

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