Detroit Pistons

It’s not hard to see why Blake Griffin is frustrated with Pistons

Blake Griffin pointed out that he was frustrated with his teammates’ lack of focus, and Reggie Jackson showed us exactly what he meant.

The Detroit Pistons aren’t quite where they want to be. They are just 21-26, and are currently on the outside looking in at the playoff picture.

After losing two in a row, and seven of their last 10, the Pistons held on for a 98-94 win in New Orleans on Wednesday night, thanks to a monstrous 37-point, nine-rebound performance by Blake Griffin. Despite the win over the Pelicans, however, Griffin wasn’t happy with how Detroit closed out the game, saying during his postgame interview that the team has a lack of focus.

As if right on cue, Griffin’s teammate Reggie Jackson came along and unknowingly proved his point, jokingly interrupting the interview and making faces into the camera.

You have to give props to Griffin for maintaining his cool during this moment, as he clearly did not appreciate Jackson’s antics. It happened literally seconds after Griffin ripped his team for not focusing in big moments and causing them to lose several close games.

If Jackson was looking to back up Griffin’s statements, he couldn’t have picked a more perfect time to do it. The best part of the interview was that, even though Griffin didn’t say a word to Jackson, his facial expressions said all we needed to know, as if he was thinking, “you see, this is exactly what I’m talking about.”

Fortunately, Jackson only lingered for a few moments, and then ran along. Had it gone on too much longer, who knows how long Griffin would have been able to restrain himself, as he was clearly burning up inside at the sight of Jackson goofing around.

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Luckily for the Pistons, they are only a game and half out of the final playoff spot in the East, so there is still plenty of time to turn this season around. They might want to heed Griffin’s advice, though, and behave a little more seriously when they are on the court.

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