Golden State Warriors, Toronto Raptors

Charles Barkley thinks Kevin Durant should put some meat on them bones

Kevin Durant became the third member of the Golden State Warriors to drop at least 50 points last night, but that didn’t stop Charles Barkley from continuing his comedy career.

The Golden State Warriors had a marquee game on Thursday night against the Toronto Raptors that could end up being a preview for the NBA Finals, but the Warriors lost in overtime 131-128 despite Kevin Durant dropping 51 points.

Durant took off his jersey and gave it to Drake (looks like they had a bet) after the game, and that allowed Charles Barkley to comment on KD’s slim frame.

“Jesus… Is that a cadaver?” Barkley said. “He would have 55 if he had a hamburger.”

While it’s true that Durant could stand to put on a little bit more muscle, Charles Barkley giving anyone diet advice is quite rich.

The Raptors were led by Kawhi Leonard’s season-high 37 points, and they appear to be the class of the Eastern Conference so far this year. Their current record (19-4) leads the league.

Durant is the third member of the Warriors to score at least 50 points this season, and he has dropped 40 or more in three straight games.

“My only focus is being the best version of me that I can each possession on both ends,” he said to ESPN about his recent scoring binge. “Once you just focus on that, you get lost in the game. Makes or misses or turnovers or mistakes really don’t matter. Just move onto the next play. Try not to have a lot of mistakes, but if you do have one, just move on.”

The Warriors will be just fine. Stephen Curry and Draymond Green will be back soon, and they’ve managed to scrape together enough wins to keep themselves in playoff position despite the injuries. Whether or not they’ll keep Durant when he enters free agency this summer remains to be seen, however, they should still be the favorites to advance out of the Western Conference as long as everyone is healthy during the playoffs.

You can be sure that Barkley will continue to clown Durant as long as he’s part of the Warriors, but if KD wins three straight championships (and Finals MVPs) no one will be able to take that away from him.

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