Chicago Bulls, Sacramento Kings

Kings players having a lot of fun at the Bulls expense

You know the Chicago Bulls have hit rock bottom when the Sacramento Kings, of all teams, is cracking jokes on them. Hard times in Chi-town.

Folks, we have arrived at a moment in NBA time when the Sacramento Kings, a team synonymous with dysfunction, is cracking jokes on another team because of their dysfunction.

Anyone who follows the NBA, and has had the misfortunate of watching the train wreck known as the 2017-18 Bulls, know full well just how dark of a situation this once proud franchise is in right now.

Two days after suffering the most embarrassing loss in their history, the Baby Bulls, who recently switched coaches, decided that they didn’t need to practice after a 56-point whooping by the Boston Celtics. They wanted “meetings” instead. The kerfuffle over who called those meetings — the players or the coach — came away with everyone looking badly.

And what did those “meetings” do for the Bulls? It allowed them to get demolished by 19-points against the Kings. Yea, it doesn’t feel quite the same as a 56-point blowout, but, still, it was bad all the same.

You know what else might help? Getting embarrassed by the Kings after the game.

Apparently, Sacramento was reading about the Bulls disinterest in practice, and after the game, a Chicago Sun-Times Bulls beat writer (pouring a 45 out for you, buddy) overheard the Kings yelling this when walking back to their locker room:


Man, this had to feel good for the Kings. For so long, they have been the but of jokes about their dysfunctional franchise. Now, it seems like Chicago has taken all of their bad mojo, and Sacramento can, finally, gloat and taunt another team about their bad luck.

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It just goes to show you how strange our NBA world can be at times, and if the Bulls weren’t embarrassed before the epic blowout and their lack of practicing, they should be now.

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