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Turning over the Cavaliers roster in five trades

Things are have fallen off a cliff in Cleveland and it’s probably time for the Cavaliers to start shopping everyone. Here are five trades that could dramatically remake the roster in a hurry.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are an abject nightmare. LeBron James went under Magic Johnson’s wing in L.A. and the team hasn’t found any sort of footing since.

Despite the optimistic expectations I had for them coming into the season, everything’s gone as bad as possible. Kevin Love got hurt, they canned Tyronn Lue after starting 0-6 and, apparently, no one likes Collin Sexton. Cleveland currently sits at the nadir of the standings for the entire league. Changes undoubtedly loom on the horizon.

Well, I like to consider myself a problem solver, the Winston Wolf of fake trades. The Cavaliers might not have much in the way of valuable assets, but finding the right trade partners could bring a sunny outlook for a desolate winter in Believeland.

Let’s clear the decks. Following these five trade scenarios or finding similar deals would jumpstart a rebuild for a fastly-deteriorating situation.

Trade No. 1: Who needs a rebounder?

Cavaliers Get

C, Gorgui Dieng; Miami’s 2019 2nd Rounder; Minnesota’s 2020 2nd Rounder

Timberwolves Get

C, Tristan Thompson

Minnesota stands at a paltry 29th in the league in rebound differential and a nearly-as-horrendous 25th in points allowed per game. Neither stat represents the hallmarks of what a Tom Thibodeau team should be.

Tristan Thompson has his deficiencies, may not know which hand is his dominant one, and dates/dated a Kardashian, but the man can clean the glass and play D. He’d provide some cures to what ills the Timberwolves.

Gorgui Dieng is an effective player but hasn’t totally fit in as a Thibs guy ever since the former Bulls coach took over the Timberwolves. His lack of big, consistent minutes shows he’s expendable.

Thompson makes a few million more than Dieng on a per year basis, but his contract runs out one year sooner. The extra year and the presumption Thibodeau would favor Thompson should be enough to garner a pair of second-rounders to add to the Cavaliers’ cache.

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