10 reasons we’re thankful the NBA is back

On this Thanksgiving, let’s all be thankful for the continued awesomeness of the best American professional sports league.

The NBA is so good you guys. It’s only November and it’s already reminded us all why it’s the pinnacle of American pro sports. Of course, it’s not like its competition is particularly fierce.

Be honest: If you consider yourself an NFL fan, you watch it with at least a little guilt, right? As fun as the on-field product can be, it’s hard to reconcile all the problematic aspects of the game — from concussions to players’ off-the-field transgressions to the fact Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job — with any entertainment value the NFL provides.

On the other end of the spectrum is the MLB, a league fans can follow guilt-free if they can only get past how relentlessly boring the on-field action can be. Seriously, baseball fans: Is a 13-inning, 2-1 playoff game really considered “good” baseball? If so, your sport may be in more trouble than the NFL, which is saying something.

The NHL is great, but its ratings are so infinitesimal compared to the other three leagues that it doesn’t really have a place in this discussion. Also, it still employs Tom Wilson, which automatically disqualifies it.

Anyway, this is all to say that the NBA is extremely fun both on and off the court, and for the most part is a league that is easy to enjoy without feeling like a bad person. Here are 10 more reasons to be grateful the NBA is back and better than ever.

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