Bol Bol is turning into everything teams think Victor Wembanyama will be

Bol Bol’s stature, skill set, and lately his performance is showing exactly what some fans thought he was capable of when he was drafted.

It took a few years, but something seems to have clicked with Bol Bol this year. Maybe it’s a new environment with the Orlando Magic, or perhaps it’s simply playing time Bol Bol needed.

Whatever it is, you can’t argue Bol Bol is having an incredible start to the year. He’s averaging 13.3 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 0.6 assists per game.

Here’s how his points/rebounds/assists line has increased over the first four years of his career per 36 minutes:

  • 16.6/7.9/2.5
  • 15.5/5.4/1.6
  • 14.7/8.9/2.2
  • 18.7/11.5/0.8

Bol, standing at 7-foot-2, was an intriguing prospect coming into his rookie season. He was lengthy, but agile, given his frame (220 pounds now, 210 when he was drafted) and at a best-case scenario could be a player with guard-like skills and center-like size.

Bol had a transition game to be reckoned with and could hit shots from the outside, too. At 43.8 percent shooting from the outside on about two attempts per game this year, that has held true.

He’s finally getting some significant playing time, and it’s paying off:

Early on, it’s reminding people of what they hope Victor Wembanyama will be, both aesthetically and in terms of production.

Bol Bol is a great preview for Victor Wembanyama

First things first: We should appreciate this season Bol Bol is putting up without considering it just an appetizer to Wembanyama. I’m a part of the misfit corner of the internet that has been wishing for him to get more than 10 minutes per game since his rookie season because we felt like he could be exactly what he is now.

Bol has waited patiently for his chance, and now that he’s getting north of 25 minutes per game we’re seeing the capabilities he’s had all along.

But we always want the next best thing, and Bol’s size and skills are getting people excited for Victor Wembanyama, the projected first-overall pick for the 2023 NBA Draft.

There’s a chance the Magic could get the first overall pick this season. Boy, that would be interesting.

Bol Bol walked so Wembanyama could run. Now, Orlando, please keep giving Bol Bol all the opportunities you can.

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