Jaylen Brown sends clear message to hater Celtics fans

Jaylen Brown made it abundantly clear over how he feels about some Boston Celtics fans.

After getting his team to the NBA Finals, Jaylen Brown does not feel he is getting the respect he deserves by some members of the Boston Celtics fanbase.

Brown liked a tweet citing “Jaylen Brown is so disrespected by Celtics fans.” Bleacher Report was savvy enough to take a screenshot of Brown’s likes and blast it out onto the internet. Although the Boston fanbase can be very unforgiving, Brown is under contract with the Celtics for at least two more seasons. He must elevate his play if he wants to no longer be outshined by Jayson Tatum.

This team was two wins away from its 18th NBA Championship; what are we even doing here?

Jaylen Brown makes it clear how he feels about some Boston Celtics fans

Brown is about to enter his seventh professional season out of Cal. He is now making big money annually, having just amassed nearly $25 million in annual salary. Over the next two seasons, Brown is slated to make roughly $26.7 million in 2022-23 and $28.5 million in 2023-24 before he hits unrestricted free agency in 2024. This would be ahead of Brown’s age-28 season in the NBA.

Admittedly, it has to stink for a player of Brown’s caliber to always be playing second fiddle to a star like Tatum. He came into the league a year after Brown and has gotten more fanfare, respect and accolades over his Boston teammate. We get it, but it is what it is. What is important though is Boston’s championship window is wide open, but it could close after the next two seasons.

Again, Brown may be a big fan of the Celtics organization, so he may not want to play anywhere else. However, this is a fickle media market that will turn on a player in an instant, especially when he claims he is not feeling the love. Regardless, Brown is going to have to find a way to put the haters on the back burner and just forget about them. They will be all about him if he wins a title.

Liking a tweet is one thing, but it is not like he is saying his disdain for some Celtics fans publicly.

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