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Ben Simmons out again for Game 4: Best memes and tweets

Ben Simmons was destroyed on Twitter for missing the Brooklyn Nets playoff game yet again.

The last time Ben Simmons played in a basketball game that mattered, he quit on the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2021 Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Win or lose, he still quits. Simmons bailed on LSU after one season and refused to learn how to shoot a jump shot in The City of Brotherly Love. There is a chance Simmons will not play in a basketball game in over a year for Ben Simmons reasons. He may never end up playing a game for the Brooklyn Nets for all we know. Brooklyn is down 0-3 to the Boston Celtics and he is out again.

The only person with more quit in him these days is wide receiver Antonio Brown on the gridiron.

Twitter harpoons Ben Simmons for not showing up again for the Brooklyn Nets

Fate would have it Simmons has partnered up with the GOAT of wanderers and a man who doesn’t believe in mandates in Brooklyn. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will now have no choice but to pick up the pieces at the Barclays Center, as they hope to stave off elimination from a division rival. The Nets have to pul all of their trust into a flat-earth truther and a burner account victim.

When The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent hit the silver screen, it was thought to be about the life and times of iconic actor Nicolas Cage. As it turns out, it was better served to stand as the autobiography some poor ghostwriter will have to put pen to paper to for Simmons many moons from now. The only thing stranger than fiction is when life is imitating art. This is just ridiculous.

A broken clock is more reliable than Simmons because at least twice a day, that clock is serving its purpose. Not since Chase Daniel changed the game as an NFL clipboard holder have we seen a professional athlete play the finesse game this masterfully. Brooklyn is having to sort through a living, breathing Ponzi scheme of epic proportions. How can anybody back Simmons at this point?

Look. If he is really hurt, it is what it is. Then again, this is playoff basketball. Injured stars like Joel Embiid and Clint Capela are among a handful of guys who are gutting it through some pretty serious stuff. As for Simmons, look for him to be sitting sidelines at the Barclays Center on Monday night resembling Joseph in his technicolor dream coat as his teammates get swept.

It’s hard for fans to care about a sport when the athletes making millions don’t seem to either.

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