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Watch: Kyrie Irving chirps back at Celtics fans, flashes double birds

Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving absolutely hates everything about the Boston Celtics.

The pure unrivaled disdain Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets has for the Boston Celtics is amazing.

Unless you live in New England, most people do not care for the Celtics or any of their professional teams. They win too much and their fans are incredibly arrogant about it. That is just how it goes. But the hatred runs deeper than blood for Irving. He played for them. Let’s just say their bitter divorce was worse than anything you will ever see in Hollywood. The guy straight-up hates them.

Here he is chirping back after at them hitting a tough shot in TD Garden on those lovely Celtics.

Taking the ball out of bounds, Irving was in a purely trolling mode to all the fans in attendance.

He even flashed the double birds to spite the fan base who once briefly cheered him on.

Of course, the Celtics would take Game 1 on a ridiculous lay-up buzzer-beater by Jayson Tatum.

Kyrie Irving vs. all things Boston Celtics is the stuff television was created for

Win or lose, for the love all things holy, can this best-of-seven series just go the distance, please? Twitter needs all the Kyrie/Celtics-hating content out there for its next batch of snarky memes and GIFs that will stand the test of time. If every game in this series was played Boston, it would be for the better. This is to get a fully infuriated Irving at the peak of his Celtics-hating powers.

While we are blessed to get several intriguing first-round series this April, this one between Atlantic Division rivals has our undivided attention. Even if all four first-round series in the Eastern Conference are between divisional foes, the animus is simply not going to be matched between that of Irving and the Celtics. This is Trae Young vs. the New York Knicks fanbase, but all grown up.

The only way this game could have been better is if Irving took one look over at the ESPN booth and told Jeff Van Gundy to just stop for the rest of us watching this game at home and having to cover our earholes to not hear his commentary. Even if you turned the sound off like I did in an attempt to maintain a sliver of sanity, you could tell this was a hate-fueled NBA instant classic.

From flipping birds to hearing boo birds, bird was indeed the word for Irving in this playoff game.

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